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Cadastral Rights

Transfer fees: The transfer ‘cadastral’ rights are submitted from the buyer to the Department of Lands and Surveys in cases of immovable property transfers, in accordance with the market value of the immovable property, based on estimates by the Land Registry. Value Percentage Rights Collective Rights € % € € 0 - 85.000 3 2.550 [...]

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Mortgages On loans: For loan transfer to another financial institution a fee equal either to 1 % of the amount of the new mortgage or €200 must be paid, whichever amount is the smallest. For loan renewals of the same financial institution a fee of €50 is required. In case of reorganization, no fee is [...]


Tax On Immovable Property

T he Tax on Immovable Property is imposed annually, based on the overall immovable property value that the owner possesses in the Republic (as well as immovable property the covenant of which has been submitted to the Land Registry, but for which no titles have been issued) on the 1st of January of each year. [...]

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Inheritance Tax

No Inheritance Tax is imposed with regards to people who passed away after the 1st of January 2000. Pursuant to the Deceased Persons Estate (Taxing Provisions) Law of 2000, there is a submission requirement to the Director of the Inland Revenue Department within six months from the date of death.

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